Fun Ways to Reveal the Sex of your Baby!

There are very few things out there today – that are good – that are also a surprise; Hence why so many people decide not to find out the sex of their baby even though it’s an option that I’m sure our ancestors would have enjoyed. For those families out there who just can’t wait, here’s some fun ways to find out the sex of your baby and/or tell others:

1. Have the doc put the information in an envelope for the two of you to open AFTER you’ve left the doctor’s office (go out to dinner, go home, etc.)

2. Take that envelope and wait a little longer – by giving to a cake maker and asking for a “reveal cake” – I first heard about this when someone saw an article in Food Network magazine. When my hubs and I decided we wanted to share the news with our family in such a way, after calling several bakers and describing what we were looking for, one woman responded, “Oh. You want a reveal cake? That’s what we call them in our industry.” Oh my. Anyway, here’s what the Reveal Cake looked like in the Food Network magazine:


Cute, right? Of course, that kind of cake can cost you (depending on where you live and how big you want it) anywhere from $50-$150. You can do it yourself by adding some food coloring to white cake mix – just make sure you frost the rest of the cake really well  :)

3. Partner abroad? Have the doctor put the information in 2 envelopes – send to the other person – and open together while on the phone.

4. Going out to dinner with the family? Have Momma put a pink or blue ribbon around her belly under her shirt. And when it’s time for the reveal, lift away! (a little scandalous, but kind of cute nonetheless … just make sure you don’t lift too high!)

5. Make a Youtube video! Check out what these people did, it’s kind of cute and a fun way to tell the fam:


6. Have a party with a pinata – fill with pink or blue candies and let everyone whack away!

7. If you’re going with the party theme, it’s also cute to ask your guests to dress in either blue or pink depending on what they think the sex of the baby will be!

Have fun!


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