Mocktails Worthy of Even the Non-Pregnant

Are you totally bumming that it’s the holidays and you can’t imbibe? Yeah. Me too. But don’t fret – in the year of 2013, there are plenty of ways to trick yourself.

Step 1 – drink all of it out of a wine glass. Orange juice? Eh. Orange Juice + wine glass = fancy! Sparkling seltzer and lime? Eh. Sparkling seltzer + lime + wine glass = awesome! I think you get my drift. [Don’t be surprised if you’re out and about and get the stink eye from a stranger; I drank ginger ale out of a wine glass at a wedding – while visibly pregnant – and I’m pretty sure the Mother of the Bride thought I was just taking advantage of the open bar]

Step 2 – add something a little festive. I think most people think of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider when it comes time to do a virgin, fun drink. Remember this?:


Well nowadays, with all kinds of substitutes on the market, I have a new preggie fave and it’s called “Blood Orange Soda.” It can be found at Trader Joe’s amongst a long list of other sparkling beverages or sodas if blood orange isn’t your style:



When the flavored sodas and sparkling juices won’t cut it, here’s my all time favorite mocktail champagne recipe. I made this a few years ago when I wasn’t even pregnant for a party we had in which some guests were going to be driving. The best part? We ALL thought it tasted just like real champagne. So try it out!

Mock Champagne

4 cups of carbonated water

4 cups of ginger ale

3 cups of unsweetened white grape juice

Mix and voila! Don’t let it sit too long or the bubbly wears off and then it just tastes weird.

Happy Holidays!