Keeping Track of Milestones

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will be wonderful for you all. As the new year gets started and new resolutions begin, here are a few ways to keep track of those incoming 2014 memories:

1. The dry erase board method:


2. The same accessory, new month method:


3. The letter (or you can use wood blocks) method:


4. The memory in a jar method (works particularly well if you have several children; basically you keep a jar and a notepad next to the jar in a place in your house that is convenient and accessible. When someone does something you want to remember, you scribble it down – don’t forget the date! – and toss in the jar. You can either sort through later or at the end of the year, etc.):


5. Pregnancy and Baby Stickers! This is a Maternity Girl favorite since they are always in stock (cute, easy, consistent, and make for adorable pictures!):

chalk hand holiday preg

If you’re looking to purchase these stickers, please send me a message. They are available for $18 (includes shipping) over the phone. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, they are always available during appointments and they are only $15! I have more styles available too.

Happy New Year! For those of you with incoming babies, I know you will have a lot of fun in store.


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