Another DHA Option while Pregnant

Most pre-natal vitamins out there have a DHA component to them. Some doctors might even prescribe a pre-natal vitamin with DHA. During my first pregnancy – I tried them all. Then I’d be burping a lingering hint of fish all day (and I don’t particularly like fish). If fish burps aren’t your thing, I wanted to point out another DHA Option that I didn’t find out about until recently – Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA + EPA Purity:


As with all things that you ingest (especially while pregnant), check with your doctor before adding this item to your daily supplement routine. I am not a doctor, I am not paid to endorse this product and I don’t know anything else about Dr. Fuhrman other than I personally like this citrus DHA option. I put my dose in with some juice in the morning and voila – I’ve gotten my daily DHA – and it was painless.


One thought on “Another DHA Option while Pregnant

  1. When anyone asks me for a fish oil recommendation, I ALWAYS recommend Nordic Naturals. They have normal grown-up capsules, but they also have kid versions that come in both lemon and strawberry flavors. Their products are third party tested for quality assurance. A couple of notes: if you purchase fish oil, don’t waste your money on omega-6 or -9. You get plenty of those fats from your diet if you are the typical Anerican. Only purchase Omega-3. Also, fish oil can act as an anti-coagulant if you take too much. As such, limit your dose to no more than 2000 mg a day.

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