Designer Spotlight: Maternal America

I am so in love with some new Maternal America inventory that just came in that I can’t help but start off the “Designer Spotlight” series talking about them …

It’s hard to find any history re Maternal America (I’m always curious to know when the company started, how it’s run, etc.) but their products are Made in the USA and that’s one of the first things I love. Second? The trendy styles and comfortable fabrics. Maternal America is one of those brands that’s made for pregnant fashionistas and I can’t get enough of it (for both myself and my clients). With classic styles, bold prints and bright colors, you can’t help but feel beautiful and glamorous while in their clothes. Absent designer information, I can almost guarantee you that their items are designed by women who have been pregnant before because everything they make looks flattering and the fabrics are cut in ways that create maximum room for growth.

So what’s the new inventory that just came in? Check out these sequin pieces!



I was so excited when they came in, I couldn’t help but try them on … check out how awesome the pink top is!



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