Top 5 Tools for Surviving Maternity in the Summer

1. Bodyglide  ($10)

Even if you alter your wardrobe to accommodate more skirts, dresses, and lighter clothing materials, that won’t save you from the number one maternity summer nag: chaffing.  I had 3 maternity skirts that I wore all the time during my first pregnancy and they were my favorite wardrobe pieces until my over-sized thighs began rubbing together. Then I purchased this Bodyglide and they were re-worked into the rotation.

It may sound a little pricey ($10 for a little tube) but I would say you have at least 2 dozen applications available, if not more; if you only use it 2 or 3 times a week, that will last you at least 8 weeks! Many people know about Bodyglide in bar form (like a deodorant), but I suggest the liquid version which goes on quick and easy and lasts all day (even through profuse sweating).

Trust me, I tried baby powder. But while that provided minor and temporary relief, it wasn’t nearly the solution that is Bodyglide for a summer pregnancy.

2.  A Personal, Hand held Fan ($10)

I would speculate that your body temperature goes up at least 3 or 4 degrees while you’re pregnant, but add in some sun and humidity and I can tell you – definitively –  from personal experience – you’re about 10-15 degrees hotter when you’re pregnant (and no, I don’t mean as in “sexy.”)

There are some really cool fans out there which would probably do an even better job, such as this one:

But unless you’re carrying around a massive tote (which I wouldn’t recommend during the summer-time anyway), then it kind of defeats the purpose.

Another cooling item, which is awesome, is a cooling collar. Technically, this is marketed for dogs, but only a few years ago, when this item first came out, it was for humans too. I really like the KOOL Collar brand because the cooling packs come in and out so you can easily be “charging” one while using the other.

If you go with the brand above, because it’s been seen in so many pictures with a dog, you might look like one, but you’ll be cool, so who cares. Right? 😉

3. Panty Liners (Less than $4)

There’s a couple of reasons that I think panty liners are a godsend: (1) that little new maternity issue called accidentally peeing in your pants (every time you laugh, sneeze, can’t quite make it tot he bathroom or “just because”) and (2) because you sweat and “leak” a lot during the summer months which – left to its own accord – can cause all other kinds of issues ranging from general discomfort to UTI(s) and other vaginal mishaps.

Keep some in all of your purses, in your office drawer, and in every bathroom in your house and you’ll have one thing guaranteed: peace of mind re the moisture issue “down there.”

4. Talcum Powder ($4- $15)powder

Use it for your feet and under your boobies to prevent blisters and moist-boobs-during-the-day (that’s a “maternity condition” I made up – but it’s true).

And last, but not least


5. Water

If possible, you really should keep a water bottle – that is full – on you at all times. I know it royally sucks to have to pee every 30 minutes as it is, but water is your best defense against dizziness, fainting, dehydration, swelling, and many other serious medical conditions which are about 10 degrees more scary than moist-boobs-during-the-day. The more water you drink, the better you’ll actually feel.

Good luck ladies and may the force be with you in August!


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