What to do with pregnant hair …

Happy Saturday everyone!

Do you feel like your hair is growing really fast during your pregnancy? I did; with both my pregnancies. I’ve always had hair that grows kind of fast but with each pregnancy, within 9 months, I went from having shoulder length hair to the type of hair that elicits the comment, “WOW! Your hair is loooong!”

During my first pregnancy, all the changes with my hair piqued my curiosity so I read a lot about how the higher levels of estrogen prolong your hair growth phase. At the time, my “new hair” was driving me a little crazy but since there wasn’t much I could do, instead of getting frustrated with the unending and erratic-behaving-tresses (my pregnant hair would also never hold a curl), I decided to let it grow out. The long locks were okay until my first child turned two months and I could no longer tolerate it so I decided it needed a good chop and I actually had enough to do something I wanted to do for a long time … have you ever heard of Locks of Love?

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who have medical hair loss from any diagnosis. I had always wanted to donate hair there but could never quite make the length requirements – until I was pregnant.

I made my first donation in 2012 after my first pregnancy was complete. At the time, I didn’t like the cut but I did love the cause; I still have the certificate they mail you as a thank you for sending in some hair (I actually have it in my child’s baby book because I feel like he was the reason the hair came to be). So recently, after my last pregnancy, as my hair became “too long” yet again – I decided it was time for another donation (which happened today!):





What do you think?! I’m through the moon happy. Not only does the weightlessness feel great but pretty soon I’ll have another certificate for my second baby’s book. Perhaps my children will think it’s weird when they come to understand what it means but to me it will always be the hair that came about as their little bodies grew inside me and the hair that went on to help someone else too. (That’s why pregnant bodies are so amazing!)

Oh – and because I am so in love with the cut and everyone wants to know who and where I got it done, a big THANK YOU to Taylor at Posh:


Now I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

PS – some salons give a discount when you cut off hair for donation so if you make an appointment and plan to make a donation, don’t forget to ask! (I saw one spa in Florida that offered a 20% discount!)


One thought on “What to do with pregnant hair …

  1. 1. Taylor cut my hair on Friday and is fabulous!
    2. Your hair wasn’t cut yet when you were at my house this afternoon, right? I would feel really dumb if I somehow missed that.
    3. The cut is so cute!

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