‘Please Don’t Touch My Belly’ and Other Ways To Handle People Who Have No Boundaries

A few months ago, in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine,  I came across a list of “belly touching comebacks.” I thought some of them were so funny that I saved the pages to share with you. Without further ado:

1. Careful! You might wake the baby!

2.  Think of me as a museum: Look but don’t touch.

3. I had a big lunch.

4. Warning: It might be contagious!

5. Five dollars to touch the belly, $10 if it kicks.

6. I’m not Buddha, please don’t rub me for luck. [related to t-shirt I found below!]

7. Baby’s enjoying some me-time right now.

8. Like MC Hammer says, “Can’t touch this.”

9. Under construction, please don’t touch!

10. Can I pat your belly now?

I personally never had a stranger touch my belly but I’m also the type to slap a hand if I saw one coming. (One time I saw an incoming paw and I just put both my hands in front of the belly in an “x.”) If you don’t want to slap a stranger and speaking up doesn’t come naturally, there’s also this t-shirt:


A picture says 8 words, right?

Good luck Mamas!


Baby and Kids Resale & Consignment in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

Kids consignment is very popular in Pittsburgh but many of the locales are like hidden gems and you’d only know a certain shop existed by driving by … until now! Let me make it easy for you to save money on baby & kids clothes, gear (including cribs and swings) and more …

In no particular order but with certain notes I hope you’ll find useful:

1. Iddy Biddy Fashions (McMurray): It’s super easy to consign here (they have drop off appointments) and there are almost always colored tag sales going on. They’re on Facebook so seeing pics of current inventory is possible and they accept payments by phone.

2. Spots and Stripes (Mt. Lebanon): Lots of great boutique items at non-boutique prices. Make sure you bring some quarters for parking as you’ll be right on 19 on the very popular strip.

3. The Has Been (Bethel Park) – Big locale with lots of baby gear, toys and clothes. Parking is great and there is also a small area in the front of the store for your kids to play while you shop.

4. Pennystix Kids Resale (Upper St Clair): I can find (almost) zero online presence which is a total pity because there are lots of great finds to be had in this store. I once got a set of Boden pjs (in excellent condition) for only $4. You can find them at 1395 McLaughlin Run Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15241. If you want to try calling, their number is: 412-914-0555. Technically they are on Facebook but the page is not active (last post was 2011).

5. Francesca Blue (Upper St Clair) I believe it’s technically  – the shop is HUGE, there is plenty of parking and it’s not too far from 79. Not on Facebook yet but according to the website, coming soon.

6. Kiddo Diddo (Bethel Park) – a total hidden gem with fairly new owners; lots of clothes and kid gear. With the new owners came a new Facebook presence – so be sure to “Like” the page. They don’t currently accept pay by phone but they WILL hold an item for you for 24 hours if you call and tell them you’re interested in a particular item (how awesome is that!?)