‘Please Don’t Touch My Belly’ and Other Ways To Handle People Who Have No Boundaries

A few months ago, in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine,  I came across a list of “belly touching comebacks.” I thought some of them were so funny that I saved the pages to share with you. Without further ado:

1. Careful! You might wake the baby!

2.  Think of me as a museum: Look but don’t touch.

3. I had a big lunch.

4. Warning: It might be contagious!

5. Five dollars to touch the belly, $10 if it kicks.

6. I’m not Buddha, please don’t rub me for luck. [related to t-shirt I found below!]

7. Baby’s enjoying some me-time right now.

8. Like MC Hammer says, “Can’t touch this.”

9. Under construction, please don’t touch!

10. Can I pat your belly now?

I personally never had a stranger touch my belly but I’m also the type to slap a hand if I saw one coming. (One time I saw an incoming paw and I just put both my hands in front of the belly in an “x.”) If you don’t want to slap a stranger and speaking up doesn’t come naturally, there’s also this t-shirt:


A picture says 8 words, right?

Good luck Mamas!


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