What do you need on your baby registry? (Sleeping)

Working on your baby registry can be incredibly overwhelming. As such, I’m a huge fan of Lucie’s List which breaks down what you need according 10 basic categories. When I first utilized the Lucie’s List site in 2011, there was an awesome 2 page checklist. I can’t find that checklist now, but if you’re just starting, or you’ve gotten lost somewhere else, I advise all my clients to go there. That site, even though I still can’t find that list, is so resourceful – especially for its product reviews.

Now, Because Lucie’s List has also done a wonderful job of breaking down what you NEED versus what you don’t, I’ll spare you my two cents but I would like to share my personal favorites for your “Sleeping” portion of the baby registry:

1. A crib; You may decide to co-sleep, use a bassinet or who knows what else, but every one I know still has a crib. My personal fave for value and design is the DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. The black and yellow are my fave! For less than $200, I bet it will be yours too.



2. Crib sheets; I suggest you have at least 2. I’m also a fan of soft, plus textures when I sleep so I love the Pottery Barn Kids Chamois line. Click here for “girl” colors and here for “boy” colors (I used quotes because it  drives me crazy that PBK has all the colors listed on two different links and I don’t agree with the way they split up the colors … I think navy could be so cute for a girl!) Anyway …


What? That’s it? Pretty much. I mean, there’s the question of bumpers and swaddles and a crib skirt but when it comes down to what you NEED, I like to stick to the basics.


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