Where to donate your new or gently used maternity, nursing and baby items in Pittsburgh

Earlier today, on Facebook, I shared a sneak peak of some of the items from another large donation to Genesis of Pittsburgh. Did you see it? It was a stack of really awesome books. Well – the full kit and caboodle is now in their hands and it took over my whole trunk. Thanks to my wonderful clients, I’m proud to announce that over $500 worth of items were donated including: books, baby equipment, maternity clothes, maternity support pillows, (2) Bella bands, a maternity support belt and a baby doppler:

photo (3)

Whenever Genesis receives items, they are extremely grateful. If you’ve got items that can be enjoyed and used by others in need, please consider making your donation to Genesis of Pittsburgh.

Even their receipt says they “gratefully accept” the following:

Clothing: infant and children’s shoes and clothes sizes 0-6, especially onesies, sleepers and baby socks

Feeding supplies including formula, bottles, bibs, and new breast pumps (even if it was never used, the seal cannot be broken)

Baby furniture including cribs, mattresses, changing tables, bassinets, pack ‘n plays, highchairs, and glider rockers

Baby equipment including strollers, bathtubs, bouncy seats, monitors, exersaucers, front packs, and car seats manufactured within the past 5 years

Other baby items and supplies including diapers and wipes; sheets for cribs, bassinets, and pack ‘n plays; new toys, stuffed animals and gift items.

Items for pregnant women including current books about pregnancy, birth, and parenting; maternity clothing or casual clothing suitable for pregnancy wear; new bras and panties.


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