World Breastfeeding Week 2014: Aug 1 – 7

August 1st kicks off the almost end of summer (bummer!) and World Breastfeeding Week (awesome!).

I dabbled in my own little celebration of this event (WBW – not the end of summer) by hosting a Big Latch On event at Temple Emanuel this morning. The Big Latch On is a synchronized breastfeeding event. Last year, 14,536 women latched on for one “synchronized” minute. The goal, every year, is to beat the record of the year before. As of this moment, the total number for 2014 is still up in there air but  I’m proud to announce that the city of Pittsburgh (I was the only host in this city) contributed a total of 11 women to the count – and one of them traveled with 4 children in tow and another traveled over 2 hrs from WV! Add in a bunch of cute babies, some wonderful conversation, and some new connections made and I think it was a wild success:



As if this day wasn’t fun enough, one of my favorite designers – Japanese Weekend – is offering a 40% discount on nursing apparel in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. I have some JW in the Maternity Girl inventory but if you want to go crazy shopping from home, CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK and just be sure to enter “40WBW” at checkout. Enjoy!


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