New Baby Gear: Formula Pro by babybrezza

I just came across an advertisement for the Formula Pro by babybrezza and it’s too cool/interesting/amazing not to share:



So what does this do? According to the company, “The Formula Pro uses patented technology to measure, dispense and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency.  With the push of a button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles.  The water and formula powder are stored in right in the machine, so it’s always ready for you when your baby gets hungry.  The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types.  You can also choose the amount of formula you want to make:  2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces.  The easiest way to prepare baby’s bottles is now right at your fingertips.”

Pretty awesome, right? If you use formula, who wouldn’t want this? Especially for middle of the night bottles?

So now you must be thinking what I was thinking: How much does this cost? Is it like $50 or $250? Well my friends, I did the research and it’s $160. You can buy direct, from Babies R Us and also from Target; so if you have a RedCard, choose Target and save 5%.

For $160, I’d would want to make sure this thing was BADASS. If you want to confirm same, click here to read the Amazon reviews. As of writing, there are 121 reviews and this Formula Pro is averaging 3.5 out of 5 stars.

PS – How can this be any more interesting? It also comes in Limited Edition Colors (like KitchenAid mixers!):




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