The Long Road to Maternity Clothes

I love blogging about maternity and nursing fashion. And baby gear. And toys! Life can be so grand amongst things that rattle, coo and go bump in your belly in the night. But this week, I have felt heavy. And I don’t mean pounds. I mean in my heart.

First off, October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  I have not personally experienced the pain from loss of a baby but I know over 2 dozen people who have and at 7pm – on that day – I lit a candle and left on the porch lights on for them all (both parents and angel babies). In my line of work, people share MANY things with me and even though my clients and I always have fun, I know sometimes the road to maternity clothes is very long. People have shared their infertility struggles and miscarriage grief with me over the years and there is one recurrent theme (this is the part that pains me the most): they suffered in grief in private. Don’t get me wrong – if you want to go cry by yourself in a dark room, I get that. But often, people have kept the news to themselves almost like a dark secret and not just because it’s so hard to tell but because they often think, “What is wrong with me?” or “Nobody will understand.” Well – I have news for you … more women will understand than you think and if you’re suffering from a loss, please know you’re not alone.

As if the loss of a baby wasn’t enough for the week, I was just taking a break to eat some lunch and on The Doctors, I suddenly came across Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley (yes – I love them – judge me all you want). I was channel surfing but haven’t seen them in a while, so naturally I was intrigued. Then, before you know it, I was crying too. I’m not going to tell you why because I think you should watch the video yourself, but if you’ve struggled with infertility, then their IVF story will interest you. In fact, even if infertility is not a question for you, I still think you should watch the video as it is incredibly enlightening [I mean, you can SEE what the process looks like]):

Why am I sharing all this? I don’t know. Why do I ever share anything? I guess to help people. Sure my life might seem likes it’s full of fashion and photos but the fact of the matter is that I don’t take what I do lightly. I feel extremely privileged when clients share their pregnancy journey with me – including the road of how they got there. And this week, I’m thinking of all the Mamas who took a REALLY long road or might still be traveling.


If you are looking for more information on grief and support PLEASE go to the website. They have a lot of information and are a great resource. Like I said above, YOU ARE NOT ALONE – and most importantly, you don’t have to suffer alone either. I truly believe you find help and hope in the previous links.


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