Let’s Talk About: Breastfeeding Again (and photos for Moms!)

Last week was tough. But it’s only Tuesday of THIS week and my spirits have been renewed with some special photos that I just received in the [e-]mail. You see, ever since my little one bit me at 7 months old [with teeth and yes, there was blood], I have been struggling with breastfeeding. To be honest, right after the bite, I didn’t know if we’d make it much longer; the pain was bad and my recovery took almost 2 weeks. The bite alone was enough of an incident that’s it’s worthy of it’s own blog post which will eventually come at a later date but, for now, I wanted to celebrate that I had made it to at least 7 months with my baby so I asked a photographer friend, Sandy (over at Red Lotus Photography), if she could do a breastfeeding photoshoot for me. I really wanted to honor myself and this special time that I have with my baby and remind myself, no matter how far we make it, that I was able to do this with my little one:







What do you think? I know I’m IN LOVE with these photos – and I’m so happy I set aside the time and made the investment to have these pictures for myself and my family. I never did a breastfeeding photoshoot with my first child – I also barely left my house when he was born and never nursed in public without a cover  – things I do now both as I’ve gained confidence and experience over the years and mostly because of necessity. But every time I look at these photos, my heart beats a little faster. [Thank you Sandy!]


Some of you might be wondering what top I am wearing in the pic? It’s “Navy Birds” from Loyal Hana – one of the newest designers to market for nursing apparel. I think this top is so amazing, that Maternity Girl currently has it in inventory. (It has these hidden zippers!)

Also – are you thinking that maybe you would like to take some breastfeeding photos? Make sure you “Like” and “Follow” Maternity Girl on Facebook and Red Lotus Photography on Facebook because we’re collaborating on some breastfeeding mini-sessions in November. Sandy’s amazing photo talents paired with the entire nursing inventory and styling services of Maternity Girl = a very special project that I know will make so many Moms happy. Details to be posted soon!

Oh … and for those wondering, my little one and I are coming up on 9 months of breastfeeding and still going strong. I’m pretty sure it was the renewed energy of these photos that perked up my spirit to keep on pushing along. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Cheers and have a good Tuesday y’all!

Elena 😀


Maternity Girl sells new and resale maternity and nursing apparel all over Pittsburgh. She also rents Maternity and Nursing dresses and provides styling services and assistance during photoshoots. For more information, CLICK HERE.

It’s not perfect yet and it doesn’t have ALL the inventory in stock, but Maternity Girl is working on it and now you can shop online!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Breastfeeding Again (and photos for Moms!)

  1. Let me know when the breastfeeding minis come up. Not sure if it’s in the finances right now, but if I can swing it I would love to have fabulous photos like this!

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