TGIF Y’all!

My blog has a decent amount of readers, but for some reason, yesterdays’ post had a huge surge. I think it’s because my Facebook post “teaser” had everyone thinking I was pregnant. [You know you totally did!] Sorry! What can I say? I am good at grabbing attention. Well, now that I have it, I’m going to use it and I want you to know I’m starting a new trend – it’s called the #nursingootd hash tag!

What the heck is that you might be wondering? Let me explain (I’m proud of myself for knowing some this is too). “OOTD” stands for “Outfit Of The Day.” People use that tag a lot when they take selfies [it pains me just a little to use that word] and post their pics on social media sites, like Instagram, just to show others how fashionable they are that day.  “#maternityootd” is used a lot too and that totally makes sense as one’s fashion has to change to incorporate a growing belly. But that got me thinking … WHY ISN’T THERE ANYTHING FOR NURSING? I mean, I might not look like I’m walking the red carpet today but I wear nursing clothes every day and I like to think I’m fashionable too. (I generally am. I swear. Just ignore/pretend you didn’t see yesterday’s photo [though that WAS a nursing top that I sell in my online store. But I digress. Back to my new trend …])

So there you go – you heard it here first – the cool new thing is to take selfies when you wear nursing clothes and tag your picture with “#nursingootd” Sometimes it’s really hard for me to accomplish this task (ie, “taking selfies”) with my 2 littles [these guys] but starting today, I’m going to try. And I hope you do to! You can catch my #nursingootd pics on my Instagram page. Go ahead! Just click on the link now! I put on nice boots for you.

Have a good weekend!


PS – I wish it said I was pregnant. I have TERRIBLE baby fever but the husband keeps telling me, “No!”


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