Alyssa Milano and Breastfeeding – Kudos to all Moms everywhere

Since the focus of my business is maternity and nursing, I’m really into things that get attention (especially positive) for either and this morning, Alyssa Milano seems to be the winner. Yet again, she’s trying to “normalize breastfeeding” by showing, model and actress style – how Moms can tackle breastfeeding (yes – I say tackle – because it’s hard work!) while working. Look, isn’t it pretty:


But you know, I read an article about the photo – it was on US magazine online – and I have to admit, it frosted my cookies a little.

First of all, the LINK to the article is, ” … another, revealing, breastfeeding photo.” I don’t normally like to play the semantics game but when I saw the word “revealing” it made me wonder – revealing like skin or revealing like a glimpse into the life of being a Mom with a new baby? I have bad news – it’s the former. You know how I know? Because at the end of the article it said, “… which almost fully exposes her breast.”

Being critical is really not my thing but this detailed commentary bothered me because I felt like it was a dig to breastfeeding Moms; like she almost flashed somebody a nipple! And I don’t like anything that even remotely messes with Moms across the globe. I’m personally (or at least I try to be) a FACT writer. My take on the photo would have been, “Look! Here’s Alyssa Milano being a Mom again!” Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. Or protective. I like to think it’s the latter because as a Mom myself, I have insane, natural, strong protective instincts. In fact, I hope I’m wrong. But if not, I just want to highlight that it is disappointing anytime there is any kind of judgment passed on Moms who are just trying to do the best that they can. That’s just not cool. How does that play into this particular issue? For me it means let’s not talk about how she “almost exposed her breast.” I see breasts EVERYWHERE in the media – thinking about exposed nipples makes me think of Janet Jackson (was it Janet Jackson? Oh Mom brain …) anyway – some singer who had an accidental nipple exposure during some highly televised event. It was talked about for days. I would hope that if this photo is talked about for days, it doesn’t try to sexualize breast. That instead, it just highlights another Mom trying to go about her day who also happens to be having beautiful photos taken so she remembers this time in her life. And should she keep it private because she’s breastfeeding? Why? If she wants to share it, why not? Celebrity and actress Moms share their pictures all the time. This is just another take on how some Moms feed their baby. Can we please stop making the issue about breasts?

Speaking of sharing these glamorous photos though … I just want to remind all Moms that it’s ok if you don’t have a beauty squad like this on hand. In fact, for fun, I’m going to try and re-create this picture in my own way later today. I have a fabulous on-staff stylist who likes to “cut” my hair. He’s 3. Stay tuned (it’ll be tagged #nursingootd) …


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