Giving Back to the Community

As a part of the resale aspect of my business, I frequently make trips to the Genesis House of Pittsburgh to donate maternity and nursing clothes, baby gear, and more on behalf of my clients. Giving back to the community that I live in is extremely important to me.


Today I made my third trip of the year and I’m proud to announce we had about $1200 in donations, from 8 people including:

– a stroller

– a carseat

– baby bedding

– maternity & nursing clothes

– a diaper bag

– blankets, bibs and so much more …

Thank you to everyone who made a donation – I’ll be mailing your tax receipts soon.



If you live in the Pittsburgh area and you have maternity and nursing clothes to donate or baby gear that could benefit others, please check out this organization. All the way below I’ll be listing items they take.

Now I’m off to prepare for tomorrow’s photoshoots, a nursing appointment I have on Sunday, and my next big project which I’m announcing on November 24 – which happens to be the 1 year anniversary of my business. You should get excited. The news is BIG (and even more exciting and better than the potential news that I could be pregnant).  Stay tuned!

And have a good weekend y’all,



Genesis House gratefully accepts:

Clothing: infant and children’s shoes and clothes sizes 0-6, especially onesies, sleepers and baby socks

Feeding supplies including formula, bottles, bibs, and new breast pumps (even if it was never used, the seal cannot be broken)

Baby furniture including cribs, mattresses, changing tables, bassinets, pack ‘n plays, highchairs, and glider rockers

Baby equipment including strollers, bathtubs, bouncy seats, monitors, exersaucers, front packs, and car seats manufactured within the past 5 years

Other baby items and supplies including diapers and wipes; sheets for cribs, bassinets, and pack ‘n plays; new toys, stuffed animals and gift items.

Items for pregnant women including current books about pregnancy, birth, and parenting; maternity clothing or casual clothing suitable for pregnancy wear; new bras and panties.


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