Breastfeeding Photos – next year’s holiday card!

Are breastfeeding photos the new holiday card? Probably not. But it’s definitely an up and coming genre – you know, like a maternity photoshoot, newborn photoshoot or family photoshoot – all the things people flock to due. I’m excited to be a part of this process of the changing times. People don’t think twice when they remember to schedule a family photoshoot for holiday cards but rarely does a Mom think – or more importantly do – a photoshoot of one of the things that takes up a significant part of her life while her child is a baby.

I personally scheduled a breastfeeding photoshoot during a “crisis” when I didn’t think my little one and I would make it to my 1 year breastfeeding goal. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown and just wanted proof – something beyond my sleep-deprived memory – that indeed I did breastfeed my child and it was beautiful. The finished product was indeed so beautiful [you can go see for yourself] that it re-energized my breastfeeding spirit. Further, it made me call Sandy of Red Lotus Photography to say, “We have to do a bunch of mini sessions – Moms NEED this!”

And so we did!

Sandy just finished sending off all the photos to the lovely Mamas who signed up and guess what? They’ve agreed to let me share some with you!

I debated for quite a few hours about how to share these (my favorites) … a blog post a day? This one post with an in depth commentary about each Mama and their beautiful baby/babies? Should I include details about why these are my favorite? Nah. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? All I can say is that this photoshoot was one of my favorites:






Readers – what do you think?

And okay, just a little commentary … one of the Mamas actually breastfed her twins. TWINS! Exciting, right? Dad was actually in attendance so I encouraged him to step into the frame. A lot of people think breastfeeding is about Mom and baby (or babies!) but I like to think that behind every successful Mom and baby breastfeeding team there is also a really good support network which often includes Dads. If these photos are about capturing real life, how could we not include Dad, right?


Just writing this post almost has me in tears; I’m having flashbacks to the fun and beauty of this day. It was such a privilege to be a part of such a special treat for these Moms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos just as much as I enjoy sharing them!

Maternity Girl sells new and resale maternity and nursing apparel in Pittsburgh, PA via private appointment, Moms markets and trunk shows. She also styles for photoshoots and rents maternity dresses (in Pittsburgh only). Her newest (and most popular item) is called Mama’s MilkBox – it’s a nursing apparel subscription service for Moms who want to look good and feel good all while feeding the baby. To see what’s new, you should definitely check out her Facebook page and for fun, look at her maternity and nursing musings.


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