A Holiday Gift for Moms and Moms-to-Be

Gift-giving for new and repeat Moms isn’t necessarily that hard: a massage, a cleaning service gift certificate, a baby-sitter, a Maternity Girl gift certificate, jewelry, watching the baby/children for 5 (or more!) minutes so Mom can go to the bathroom in peace (you’re supposed to NOT call her or ask questions while she’s in there), etc. But giving a gift that Mom will truly enjoy, that she didn’t think of herself, that also costs less than $15? Here ya go:

Born Free Nighty Night [Nursing] Light:


I was turned on to this product via a Mom client who has been using it and she tells me it’s amazing.

You’ll notice I put the “nursing” portion of the product title in brackets … that’s because I think this product can be used by all Moms. Being awake with a baby at night isn’t just about breastfeeding – there’s also bottle feeding and diaper changes and, quite frankly, the baby that just wants to be awake. Of course we try to encourage babies to NOT be awake by keeping the lights dim, but sometimes it’s so dim you can miss a smear of poop – or even worse – get it on your hand while wiping … and neither of those is fun. Hence this light!

So if you’ve been thinking about fun stocking stuffers or something for Mom that she wouldn’t even think of herself, check this item out!

Happy Holidays!



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