The Holidays – A time for great surprises!

Long before I ever had a baby, I used to think about ways I would tell my husband I was pregnant. The top of my revelation list was baby socks … I planned to buy 2 dozen and basically take over his entire sock drawer so he could open it to say, “What are all these socks?” or “What are all these socks doing in here?” I would either look at him coyly, or reply, “What are all those socks?” or “I’ve stocked up because we’re going to need them.” or “Whoops! Wrong drawer!” etc. I thought about this a lot (can’t you tell? ;)). When the time came, it didn’t happen anything like I planned (but that’s another story).

When I was pregnant a second time, it was even less fun and uneventful than the first time around. By then, we had been together so long that I couldn’t even unwrap the pregnancy test without detection. He thought I was in the bathroom for a long time. He heard a wrapper. I stepped out and he said, “So are you pregnant?” Romantic. Right?

But the feelings of fun and excitement (and sometimes stress and worry!) about a pending pregnancy have not departed from my heart. Every time I get to share in the giddy excitement of a new pregnancy or share in the joy of a “pregnancy reveal” – especially in surprise form – my heart beats a little faster. I have no impending announcement myself but I can’t turn my mind off of the many, fun ways people could share their news of a pregnancy:

The Maternity Girl Idea Board for Announcing a Pregnancy During the Holidays

Maternity Girl sells new and resale maternity and nursing apparel. She also provides styling services for maternity and breastfeeding photoshoots and rents maternity dresses in the Pittsburgh area. If you’re interested in purchasing items, you can check out her online store (a project still in the works), sign up for a Mama’s MilkBox (a nursing apparel subscription service) or send her a message to make an appointment.



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