A Holiday Gift for Moms and Moms-to-Be

Gift-giving for new and repeat Moms isn’t necessarily that hard: a massage, a cleaning service gift certificate, a baby-sitter, a Maternity Girl gift certificate, jewelry, watching the baby/children for 5 (or more!) minutes so Mom can go to the bathroom in peace (you’re supposed to NOT call her or ask questions while she’s in there), etc. But giving a gift that Mom will truly enjoy, that she didn’t think of herself, that also costs less than $15? Here ya go:

Born Free Nighty Night [Nursing] Light:


I was turned on to this product via a Mom client who has been using it and she tells me it’s amazing.

You’ll notice I put the “nursing” portion of the product title in brackets … that’s because I think this product can be used by all Moms. Being awake with a baby at night isn’t just about breastfeeding – there’s also bottle feeding and diaper changes and, quite frankly, the baby that just wants to be awake. Of course we try to encourage babies to NOT be awake by keeping the lights dim, but sometimes it’s so dim you can miss a smear of poop – or even worse – get it on your hand while wiping … and neither of those is fun. Hence this light!

So if you’ve been thinking about fun stocking stuffers or something for Mom that she wouldn’t even think of herself, check this item out!

Happy Holidays!



Giving Back to the Community

As a part of the resale aspect of my business, I frequently make trips to the Genesis House of Pittsburgh to donate maternity and nursing clothes, baby gear, and more on behalf of my clients. Giving back to the community that I live in is extremely important to me.


Today I made my third trip of the year and I’m proud to announce we had about $1200 in donations, from 8 people including:

– a stroller

– a carseat

– baby bedding

– maternity & nursing clothes

– a diaper bag

– blankets, bibs and so much more …

Thank you to everyone who made a donation – I’ll be mailing your tax receipts soon.



If you live in the Pittsburgh area and you have maternity and nursing clothes to donate or baby gear that could benefit others, please check out this organization. All the way below I’ll be listing items they take.

Now I’m off to prepare for tomorrow’s photoshoots, a nursing appointment I have on Sunday, and my next big project which I’m announcing on November 24 – which happens to be the 1 year anniversary of my business. You should get excited. The news is BIG (and even more exciting and better than the potential news that I could be pregnant).  Stay tuned!

And have a good weekend y’all,



Genesis House gratefully accepts:

Clothing: infant and children’s shoes and clothes sizes 0-6, especially onesies, sleepers and baby socks

Feeding supplies including formula, bottles, bibs, and new breast pumps (even if it was never used, the seal cannot be broken)

Baby furniture including cribs, mattresses, changing tables, bassinets, pack ‘n plays, highchairs, and glider rockers

Baby equipment including strollers, bathtubs, bouncy seats, monitors, exersaucers, front packs, and car seats manufactured within the past 5 years

Other baby items and supplies including diapers and wipes; sheets for cribs, bassinets, and pack ‘n plays; new toys, stuffed animals and gift items.

Items for pregnant women including current books about pregnancy, birth, and parenting; maternity clothing or casual clothing suitable for pregnancy wear; new bras and panties.

New for Diaper Bags – Coming October 2014

I collect diaper bags like growing families collect strollers: I’ve got a bag for a baby, a bag for a toddler, a bag for if I have both baby and toddler in tow… a bag for the park, a bag for a quick trip to the store … I think you get the drift. A few months ago, when my first babe was around 2 and my baby wasn’t even out of the womb, I was so completely tired of any diaper bag. It was probably hormones, but I felt like my closet was chock full of beautiful satchels and totes – that I had collected over the years before I had any kids – calling, “Hey! Do you see us? It’s been 2 years! We want to see the light!”

With the massive size of some of them, I started to give it a try. First, I had some fun with my Kate Spade “All Typed Up Clyde” satchel:


I used the front zipper section for my cell phone, keys and diaper wipes and the inside had some pockets so I kept my wallet, diapers, a change of clothes (for the little one) and some snacks in there. It worked quite well for a few weeks. But it was heavy.

As the baby in my belly grew, my knees were already struggling with too much weight so I I had to switch it up. I was looking for something similarly big but not so heavy. The Longchamp seemed perfect:



To be honest, the Longchamp worked pretty well because it’s roomy, the material was durable and the fabric was easy to wipe clean. My one (pretty big) complaint: It was a black abyss of nothingness and everything. Sure, I looked sophisticated when I showed up with my kid and this bag in tow but when it was time to leave, I had to nearly empty all its contents to a table or the floor just to find my keys; not so sophisticated anymore.

When my baby was born earlier in the year, the volume of items needed to leave the house nearly quadrupled so I retired any real bag and went back to my collection of diaper bags. They’re all functional, but let’s compare … would you want to carry this or one of the bags above?


One of the bags above! Yeah. Me too. So you can only imagine my extreme delight as I recently came across a company that is offering a product that TURNS YOUR HANDBAG INTO A DIAPER BAG. [Gasp!] Yes. The company’s called Life in Play and they make an insert that goes into regular handbags but makes them functional for Moms (or maybe even just those who like being extremely organized):




Would this insert be good for one of your handbags? It’s easy to find out with their measurement guide. If your bag has a width of 14″ or wider, a height of 10″ or taller, and a depth of 3″ or wider, then you’re in luck! Not only could you keep using all your favorite bags, but with this 1 insert, you could suddenly have several bags that are perfect for holding all your little gear.

If you need an idea of some totes that this item pairs with well, Life In Play has also already put together a collection of their favorite totes – CLICK HERE.

Are you excited? I know I am. I’ve been hearing things lately and it’s not just a crying baby. I believe it’s my Longchamp hollering, “Hello? Is anybody out there?”

New Baby Gear: Formula Pro by babybrezza

I just came across an advertisement for the Formula Pro by babybrezza and it’s too cool/interesting/amazing not to share:



So what does this do? According to the company, “The Formula Pro uses patented technology to measure, dispense and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency.  With the push of a button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles.  The water and formula powder are stored in right in the machine, so it’s always ready for you when your baby gets hungry.  The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types.  You can also choose the amount of formula you want to make:  2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces.  The easiest way to prepare baby’s bottles is now right at your fingertips.”

Pretty awesome, right? If you use formula, who wouldn’t want this? Especially for middle of the night bottles?

So now you must be thinking what I was thinking: How much does this cost? Is it like $50 or $250? Well my friends, I did the research and it’s $160. You can buy direct, from Babies R Us and also from Target; so if you have a RedCard, choose Target and save 5%.

For $160, I’d would want to make sure this thing was BADASS. If you want to confirm same, click here to read the Amazon reviews. As of writing, there are 121 reviews and this Formula Pro is averaging 3.5 out of 5 stars.

PS – How can this be any more interesting? It also comes in Limited Edition Colors (like KitchenAid mixers!):




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